Jequi is a little boy who needs to collect as much water as possible to help his mother Jandira and his younger brother Joel to survive the drought of Jequitinhonha valley. Anywhere Jequi passes through, that place regain health and bloom again, and little by little, the dream of a new valley grow.

Jequi and Lizard

You will control two characters in the game: The lizard, in the left corner of the image, and Jequi, in the right. It may be a little harder, but if you manage to keep the lizard alive, You will earn more water as bonus.

NGO Càritas of Araçuaí

Jequi's Dream also helps the NGO Cáritas Diocesana of Araçuaí to build water cisterns to the people who live on the Valley of Jequitinhonha.

Music from the Valley

Rubinho do Vale and Friends are composers from Jequitinhonha Valley. They had supported the project by giving the rights of using their songs in the game.

Watercolor Paintings

The game visuals was developed from handpainted watercolors to better capture the essence of the handicraft made in the Jequitinhonha Valley region.

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